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Frenotomy Aftercare Instructions (6 Weeks)



It is important that you perform the post-op stretches to prevent reattachment of the tongue. The purpose of the stretches is not to stretch the tongue or muscle, but to prevent the wound from healing back together. The goal is for the wound to heal open. Following the procedure, you will see a diamond shape under the tongue. This diamond will fill in with a whitish-yellow scab over the next day. This is NORMAL healing.

Procedure day is DAY 1. There are no stretches to be done today. Just give your baby extra hugs and cuddles and lots of skin-to-skin time.


DAY 2: Beginning this morning, you will be doing aftercare stretches every 4 hours, INCLUDING OVERNIGHT. Place baby on a firm surface. Always perform stretches from behind your baby’s head.

  1. Reach into your baby’s mouth with your 2 INDEX FINGERS and lift baby’s tongue to stretch the diamond wide open. Elevate the tongue to STRETCH THE DIAMOND TALL for 3 seconds at a time, and do this TWICE

  2. If your baby had an upper lip tie released, lift the upper lip and massage the junction of the lip and gums. You will use a circular motion, then massage vertically and horizontally to keep the wound open as it heals.

DAY 3: Beginning this morning, you will begin to massage the diamond itself. From behind baby's head, sweep your index finger under the tongue and press firmly into the center of the diamond. You will massage the wound up and down, then side to side for 2 seconds after completing the tongue lift stretch. The purpose of this stretch is to maintain the diamond WIDE OPEN, preventing it from closing inwards.


WEEKS 1 & 2: Please perform these stretches every 4 HOURS for 2 WEEKS.


WEEKS 3 & 4: Continue the stretches every 6 HOURS for an ADDITIONAL 2 WEEKS.


WEEKS 5 & 6: Continue the stretches TWICE daily for the FINAL 2 WEEKS.

Olive oil or coconut oil may be used as a lubricant for the stretches. (Do not use regular Orajel with benzocaine.)

For newborns, it may be easiest to do stretches immediately before feedings. Older babies do best with stretches done after or between feedings. This way they are not too upset to feed and do not begin to associate the stretches with feeding.

Infant Tylenol may be given as needed. When needed, we recommend dosing for 48 hours. Please don't wait for your baby to become uncomfortable between doses. For babies 6 pounds and over, the dose is 1.25ml (160mg/5ml liquid) every 4-6 hours. Do NOT give more than 5 doses in any 24 hour period. The correct dosage based on your baby's weight will be provided at the visit.

*If your baby is over 6 months of age, ibuprofen is preferred.

Do not worry if there is minor bleeding when you do stretches. You may notice a dark or black-ish stool after the procedure due to the tiny bit of blood that is swallowed after the procedure.

A follow up wound check is recommended in 1 week to ensure the wound is healing properly. Please click here for instructions on how to take a proper video.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Schecter with questions or concerns.

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