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"I feared every time my son was hungry. At two weeks old, I was breastfeeding my newborn and having such excruciating pain that tears would roll down my face every time I fed him. I’m a huge advocate of breastfeeding and I would nurse him while thinking about how I couldn’t possibly do it again in a few hours. I knew something wasn’t right and it was not normal. My pediatrician mentioned Elijah may have a tongue tie so we made an appointment with a specialist that was three weeks away. There was no way I could have continued for three more weeks at the rate we were going. I was bound to give up on breastfeeding if I waited that long to get help. My Doula recommended Dr Schecter. I called her for an appointment and she got me in the next day! When we went to her office, it was confirmed that Elijah had a tongue and lip tie. As first time parents, for my husband and I to see our two week old have to go through a medical procedure was scary and heart wrenching. Dr. Schecter explained in detail exactly what was going to happen and helped ease our fears and anxiety. I held my son’s little feet during the procedure and Aliza (the lactation consultant) and Dr. Schecter reassured us all was ok the whole time. Not only is Dr. Schecter a skilled provider, but her kindness and compassion she extends to parents and her patients is incredible. After the revision, Aliza helped me feed Elijah with patience and kindness as we struggled to get him to latch. Once he did, no pain! It’s been two days and Elijah and I are only getting better and better at breastfeeding. His suck has greatly improved and I am not experiencing any pain at all. We are working on our post op exercises and I have full confidence our breastfeeding relationship will flourish from here. I am so grateful we saw Dr. Schecter and would highly recommend her!" - Kati R.

"After meeting with many lactation consultants and an otolaryngologist, Dr Schecter was able to diagnose a tongue tie that had not been properly released by a previous surgeon. She really "knows her stuff" and gave me an answer and relief from pain because of her deep understanding of anatomy and breastfeeding. Dr Schecter is very warm and really takes the time to make sure all questions are answered. Many thanks to her- I might have given up if she hadn't come to my rescue!" - Jillian F.

"Dr. Schecter and her staff were pivotal in my breastfeeding journey! After 6 weeks of painful breastfeeding due to my sons undiagnosed tongue and lip tie, enough was enough. I was recommended to Dr. Schecter and was able to get an appointment almost immediately. Her staff was friendly and thorough. She is extremely knowledgeable and explained every detail of our situation to us. We felt completely at ease and opted to proceed with the procedure. The procedure itself took minutes and my son was snoozing in my arms minutes after he nursed (with no pain on my end)! My son is now 14 weeks old and we are still successfully breastfeeding! I highly recommend Dr. Schecter and her staff for their knowledge, efficiency and care!" - Kayleigh N.

"I am glad that I listened to my mother's intuition and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Schecter. After diagnosing him they clipped his tongue tie and they had me nurse him. It was a world of difference, he ate so much better! It's been 5 days now since the procedure and he is eating better than ever and feedings have turned into a joyful experience instead of a very uncomfortable one. Thank you again Dr. Schecter!" - Maggie R.

"I can not stress how thankful I am for everything Dr. Schecter did for myself, my daughter and my whole family. Happy to say my daughter was exclusively breastfed until 5.5 months and now I am back at work and pumping and happily nursing at home! I have recommended countless friends who are struggling with breastfeeding to see her and would recommend anyone else. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Schecter because she will not only work (miracles) with the baby, but treats the mother baby unit as one entity." - Melanie K.

"After seeing several different doctors, we decided to use Dr. Schecter to release my 4.5 month old’s severe tongue. I was skeptical about the procedure and the pain he’d be in. Dr. Schecter and her staff were professional, friendly, caring and supportive throughout the entire process. They made sure LO was comfortable and well cared for. I also received advice on caring for the tongue as well as breastfeeding and bottles to use. The follow up visit showed the tongue was healing so well. My little man had smiles for everyone in the office!!" - Lisa N.


1140 Bloomfield Avenue

Suite 216

West Caldwell, NJ 07006


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