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Does every baby who comes in for a tongue tie evaluation get a frenotomy?

No. Dr. Schecter will take a thorough history and examine your baby. She will only recommend a procedure if it is medically necessary and expected to improve the issues that your infant is having. She will discuss the risks and benefits as well as optimal timing.

Does Dr. Schecter release POSTERIOR tongue ties?

Yes. Dr. Schecter releases the entire restriction. Behind every anterior tie (attached near the tip of the tongue) is a posterior component. The entire restriction (anterior and posterior) will be released to ensure full mobility of the tongue.

Do you use anesthesia?

We do not use any form of sedation in the office. Dr. Schecter begins by applying some topical numbing gel. Once the surface is numb, some local anesthetic (lidocaine) is used to ensure that the patient doesn't experience any pain.


Laser or Scissors?

Dr. Schecter prefers to use scissors for frenotomies. Having performed releases by laser and scissors, she did not find any benefit to using one method over the other. Infants healed equally well regardless of surgical method. The technique used could not be distinguished by examination 1 week later. Scissor releases are faster. In our experience, babies cried less after scissor frenotomies.


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